About Semi Permanent Makeup

Professional Semi Permanent Makeup in Essex

Permanent make up with Tonya provides world-class results for clients looking for semi-permanent makeup. Tonya really does pride herself in being one of the best names in the industry!

Tonya will ensure that your semi permanent makeup journey is perfect from start to finish, making you feel at ease and in comfort throughout.

You will find Tonya mainly based in her permanent makeup clinic in Essex, although she does work various different salons and clinics, occassionly travelling outside of Essex.

About Tonya - Micropigmention Specialist

Tonya is a leading micropigmentation specialist based in Essex and London.

Having started in the beauty industry in 2007 she has gained a Wealth of knowledge from basic procedures to some of the most advanced procedures available on the market.

Tonya started out in Essex with one of the first inch loss programmes available on the market in 2007, called Beauty Trim. This treatment was a micro current treatment used to breakdown and disperse fat cells, from here she then opened her first salon in the heart of Essex called The Spa.

Once Tonya had launched her salon in 2009 she built up a fantastic team of spa girls that went from strength to strength who covered all aspects of beauty. Still Tonya felt something was still missing so she began to research semi-permanent makeup. After training with finishing touches group in 2011 she's never looked back.

Tonya’s passion for permanent makeup left her leaving her little time for her salon, so she decided to open a clinic purely dedicated to advanced aesthetics including semi permanent makeup.

She now has a clinic based just outside of Maldon in Essex and another in Ealing in West London where she specialises only in micropigmentation.

Tonya covers all cosmetic and medical procedures as well as Meso ME and tattoo removal. She now works long side other advanced practioners and technicians that come into her clinic to offer their treatments along side her.

Tonya became a trainer for the UK's leading training school Finishing Touches in 2013, she now teaches Semi Permanent Makeup cosmetic diploma courses in Essex and advanced cosmetic workshops in Hayward Heath.

She has been a trusted tester for new products and was asked to present the newest needle one the market 'The Nano Needle' at theobalds park Hotel in 2016.

Since starting out in permanent makeup Tonya has had a strong belief that it's better to be the best at one thing than average at many, this is why you will find Tonya only offers procedures relating to micropigmentation. She updates her training regularly keeping her ahead of the game, she travelled to New York to train with some of the best names in the industry in early 2016 completing her training in advanced areolas, scalp, eyeshadow and 3D lips.