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Is Semi-Permanent Make Up For You?

Is Semi-Permanent Make Up For You?

Do you…

…need more time in the morning?

… suffer with sensitive skin or are allergic to traditional make up?

…have difficulty applying make up?

…swim or exercise regularly?

… despair the smudges, smears and longevity of traditional make up?

…wish to permanently address the ageing process of lips, brows or eyes?

…wish to permanently rectify the effects of burns, accidents or chemotherapy?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions, semi-permanent make up can provide the ultimate time, convenience and lifestyle enhancement you desire.


What is semi-permanent make up?

1Semi-permanent make up is an exciting revolutionary technique, implanting selected pigments to match your skin tone into the upper dermis of the skin through the use of advanced digital cosmetic equipment. Pigments are non-reactive, with no added fragrances or additives and are virtually limitless in terms of colours available.
Specialist treatments include adding depth and definition to eyes, creating the appearance of thicker lashes, natural looking eyebrows, fuller, larger and re-defined lips or perhaps a more even symmetry and youthful look. In short, flawless make up personally designed to enhance your natural beauty.


Who uses semi-permanent make up?

Semi-permanent make up was once regarded as primarily the domain of royalty, the wealthy and the entertainment and celebrity industry. With the advent of modern technology, semi-permanent make up treatments are now far more accessible and affordable, and are no longer a privilege to be enjoyed by a select few.

In particular, the use of semi-permanent make-up will appeal to professional career women who have limited time to apply traditional make up, those with sensitive skin or allergies, athletes who are prone to shed make up quickly as well as entertainers, actors and models. However, most importantly, semi-permanent make up is now an alternative and convenient cosmetic treatment for anyone wishing to always look their best with little time or effort.


Treatments and pricing

2Our semi-permanent make up treatments are specifically tailored to your individual requirements with a full consultation on your preferences, skin tones and range of treatments offered. We believe that applying semi-permanent make up is an art rather than just a procedure and final results will portray the skills and expertise of the artist. For this reason it is vital that you select a specialist with proven certification who can offer a variety of before and after photos, and is willing to spend time with you to explain the procedures in depth.

Remember – Your face is your window to the world, portraying not just an aesthetic image but an all-encompassing character. Semi-permanent make up is just that, a permanent method of enhancement.

Our semi-permanent treatments include a wide range of techniques available to define eyebrows and lashes and provide fullness and colour to lips. We also provide maintenance treatments and Meso Vytal Skin Needling – an alternative to filler and botox, with choices of payment either per treatment or for a course of 8 sessions.

We advise you to either call in to discuss your preferences, email us or call us on 09703 688693. We would be delighted to introduce you to our range of treatments, advise you on appropriate pigments, trends and techniques available and offer a competitive pricing plan for these.

Detailed information on all our semi-permanent make up treatments, pricing and answers to frequently asked questions are currently available on our web pages and we can also be found on a range of social media platforms. Please follow us on Twitter or Pinterest or ‘like’ our Facebook page as a means of keeping updated on our current ranges, offers and industry specific news.