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The Latest Semi-Permanent Makeup Trends

The Latest Semi-Permanent Makeup Trends

How are semi-permanent makeup trends evolving?  Outstanding results designed to guarantee aesthetically pleasing results are now far more accessible and popular than ever before.

We highlight semi-permanent makeup trends currently on offer and demonstrate treatments to enhance eyes and lips.

Eyebrow Treatments

Eyebrows are a prominent facial feature which contribute to expression and symmetry of the face.  The correct design of your eyebrows will either add definition and shape, create a more youthful look or produce enhanced volume. Semi-permanent makeup trends are available in a range of techniques to provide successful long term results which traditional makeup brands are unable to sustain.eyebrow treatments, SPMU

These include:

Natural looking, precise hair strokes which define and arch the brow.  As individual hairs are tattooed onto the skin, this semi-permanent makeup trend creates a realistic 3-D effect.

A mist of colour effect emphasising the brow with a combination of soft shading and expertly placed hair strokes. This semi-permanent makeup trend is ideally suited for alopecia suffers or those with thinning brows.

A stronger look to a brow – called blocking – and often implemented if a heavier look than the mist of colour described above is required.

The technology currently in use ensures these semi-permanent makeup trends use perfect colour matching to provide stronger yet subtle effects and create a refreshing and youthful facial appearance.  Furthermore, it offers a solution which will not smudge or fade and is perfect for visually impaired clients or those suffering from certain medical conditions.

Eyeliner treatments, SPMU

Eyeliner Treatments

Trends and styles in eyeliner makeup come and go. Semi-permanent makeup trends include technology to suit fashion, enhancing the eyes and giving a wide range of options. So whether you prefer a fully made up look or a softer and natural line, you can select from a wide range of colours and effects. Make your lashes appear thicker and darker, or choose between a thinner or more dramatic eye liner, semi-permanent makeup trends promise you smudge free, perfectly applied makeup, and take away the time, effort and worry involved with applying traditional cosmetics.

lip treatments, SPMU

Lip Liner and Lip Blend Treatments

This is another area in which semi-permanent makeup trends can instantly transform your face. Over time lips become less defined and lack natural colour. Our treatments, which include lip liner, lip blush and full lip colour, will reshape your lips, giving immediate fresh vitality. Lipstick can even be applied on top of semi-permanent makeup for special occasions. Whatever you choose, one thing is guaranteed, no more lipstick bleeds. Treatments in semi-permanent lip blend trends enable you to just add gloss and go!

Meso Vytal

Meso Vytal is a revolutionary technique in semi-permanent makeup trends designed to improve skin texture – a cell boost concept to rival Botox and instantly make you look and feel younger. Using an application similar to micro-pigmentation, Meso Vytal penetrates the skin, stimulating natural collagens to repair sagging and wrinkled skin and producing instant results for a fresh and invigorated glow.  Why is this different from other skin needling treatments? The uniquely designed cartridge follows the contour of the skin, making it easier to target problem areas. It’s gentle and will not cause damage. Redness will subside within an hour or two leaving skin visibly improved.

The amazing effects of Meso Vytal can be seen in the following blog by an English Mum-

Angelina Jolie, SPMUGwen Stifani, SPMUCelebrities known to have embraced the recent rise in semi-permanent makeup trends include Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani (shown left) Madonna and  Colleen Rooney.