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What are the Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup?

What are the Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup?


Technological advances within the beauty industry are moving at a fast pace. Semi-permanent makeup has become a growth area within the sector as a popular method of being able to constantly look your best.

Undergoing semi-permanent makeup is a big decision to undertake, and one which should be discussed with a skilled and experienced specialist who will fully advise you on the techniques, services available and relevant information to bear in mind.

We believe the benefits of semi-permanent makeup to be significant and well worth taking the time to read over and fully consider.

1. Confidence

Confidence imageThe benefits of semi-permanent makeup when considering confidence and self-esteem are immeasurable. Whether you’re specific medical conditions such as alopecia, undergoing chemotherapy treatments, wishing to disguise scars, burns, or disfigurements or just wish to cosmetically enhance your natural appearance for other reasons, we have a range of treatments to suit you. The benefits of semi-permanent makeup is that it can be effectively used to simulate eye brows, lashes, thinning scalp and hair loss.

2. Rejuvenation

semi permanent makeup lipsSkin fades, lips lose their volume and colour over time and eyebrows thin. One major benefit of semi-permanent makeup is that very natural looking treatments can easily remedy these concerns. Lips can be reshaped to appear fuller and more defined, eyebrows given a more youthful appearance, eyelashes
given broader definition and skin rejuvenated with a skin tone to enhance eye and hair colour.

3. Time, Cost and Efficiency

semi permanent make up time cost effiencyNot only will you avoid the daily routines of applying and removing traditional makeup, but we believe the sig
nificant benefits of semi-permanent makeup can also be measured in terms of costs and efficiency. Overall costs associated with purchasing makeup brands can add up over a period of time. You can avoid all this and never have to worry about running out of your favourite eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.
If you’re not particularly adept at applying these, perhaps due toage, or a medical condition, the benefits of semi-permanent makeup really come into their own. You can rest assured that you will always look your best, the embarrassment of smudged or non-waterproof make-up being consigned to a thing of the past. The benefits of semi-permanent makeup outlined above will also apply to people who suffer from allergies associated with traditional makeup brands, the visually impaired or those with sensitive skin.

4. Consistency

Professional career women as well as models, actresses, models and presenters are rejecting traditional makeup trends in favour of more permanently enhanced looks. Here again, the benefits of semi-permanent makeup will really play a role. You can be guaranteed to portray a sophisticated look with the minimal of effort, always look your best and remain confident in your appearance throughout the day.

5. Versatility

semi permanent make up versatilityMake-up artists recognise that beauty trends move with the times. Although they would not perform a treatment described as ‘too trendy,’ a further benefit of semi-permanent make up is that it is versatile. Colours used are chosen to complement your skin tones, eye and hair colour, but these can be changed at any time by blending other colours over the original ones for a special occasion or change of look.



6. Safety

semi permanent make up safetyYour health and safety are of major importance and all trained make-up artists will recognise this and follow prescribed guidelines and regulations. The benefit of semi-permanent makeup over traditional brands is that patch tests are required prior to applying. This ensures complete compatibility. In addition, pre-packed sterile cartridges are used new for each client. Makeup artists working within this sector are fully trained in all techniques and therefore a further benefit of semi-permanent makeup is that your safety is guaranteed.