Lip Liner and Lip Blend Treatments

Lip Treatments

Want those perfectly defined lips 24/7? Look no further… Lip treatments are perhaps the most under estimated of all the treatments and it really is surprising how perfectly created lips can give a face a fresh youthful appearance instantly.

It's a sad fact that as you get older the border of your lip becomes less defined and your natural lip colour lightens. You can choose a subtle colour or a darker shade and Tonya will advise you about colour and realistic long term results. If you like a different colour for evening and special occasions you can add lipstick colours on top your semi-permanent make up. If you suffer from cold sores we strongly advise that you take a course of anti-viral prior to the treatment commencing.

  • Lip liner - A lip liner will enhance and define the outline of the lip with a crisp liner
  • Lip Blush – this is ablend of lip liner with some colour blended onto the lips, and it not only gives you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller shape
  • Full Lip Colour–this can be applied for a more dramatic lipstick effect, just add a hint of gloss for a real glamorous effect

So what’s not to love, no more lip stick bleeds, eat and drink whilst your lips stay looking perfect, just add gloss and go!

It’s the word on everyone’s lips...